$30,000 Global Fibrosis Foundation Study Grant Available

The Global Fibrosis Foundation is excited to announce the availability of a study grant for a project addressing the basic science of fibrosis in general, and NSF in particular. This award will be for $30,000, the first installment of which will become available in early January 2014. These awards are not renewable, and are contingent upon the receipt of sufficiently meritorious applications meeting the stated eligibility requirements.

The application is two pages long and requires an NIH Biosketch to complete. The deadline is
August 15, 2013.

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Seventh Annual Yale Fibrosis Symposium, November 14 & 15, 2013

The 7th Annual Yale Fibrosis Symposium is designed to collaboratively address the basic investigative biology of human fibrosis as a process and to translate these discoveries into effective therapies. The meeting consists of a central core of short talks followed by moderated discussions addressing the similarities and differences of fibrosis in common and rare disorders. There will be a juried abstract and poster session, and a keynote address by Dr. David Brenner, an internationally recognized expert in fibrotic liver disease. Please visit the conference website for more details.

An Atlas of Hair Pathology with Clinical Correlations by LC Sperling, SE Cowper and EA Knopp

The webmaster is pleased to announce and unabashedly promote his new and first book. If you are a dermatologist or a dermatopathologist who sees alopecia cases, check out this 2nd edition of Sperling's classic text. It has been rewritten, and outfitted with hundreds of new images.

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