Terms of Use/Frequently Asked Questions

May I link to PathMax?

Yes! If you link to PathMax, please link to this url:

This will insure that the user has full access to the menus in the frameset. If you do link to us, we'd appreciate knowing. In many cases, websites that link to us should also be listed in PathMax.

May I import the PathMax website into my own frameset?

No! This is not a permissible use of the site, and violates our copyright.

May I distribute a copy of the links to others, or publish a mirror of PathMax on my own site?

No! Currently the only authorized mirror of PathMax is the CAP Superlinks site. Maintenance of the site is complex, and quality cannot be assured without strict control of the pages by this webmaster. Copying the links onto a disc constitutes unauthorized distribution of copyrighted material and violates our copyright. Please respect the tremendous amount of work inherent in the development and maintenance of this free internet resource.

How can I support the site?

The easiest way is to use the site. Currently, sales of books (and other materials) through Amazon reimburses the costs of software, link checking, domain names, and web hosting. Using the Amazon search window or buying books through the individual PathMax pages will insure the money exists to maintain this set of links, and to expand PathMax services periodically. Donations will be accepted as well, please contact the webmaster.

How can I become a link editor, and are link editors paid?

Information can be found here. Maintenance by individual link editors and the webmaster is unreimbursed (voluntary) at present.