PathMax needs you!
We are currently seeking interested volunteers to assist in the ever-expanding mission of Pathmax. Interested parties should have e-mail, access to the WWW, and a web browser. The time commitment is about 5 minutes every 4-6 weeks. The editor is responsible for overseeing his/her corner of PathMax and recommending new sites for the page as they are discovered.

This is a volunteer effort. However, in return for this office, the link editors will be listed on the link editors' page, as well as have their names listed at the top of the subject pages they oversee. In addition, should the editor desire, a link to the editor's curriculum vitae can also be established.

Interested parties should e-mail Shawn Cowper at the following link:

Thank you

Currently available directories: Anatomy, Autopsy/Gross, Bacteriology, Breast, Cardiovascular Pathology, Endocrine/Exocrine Pathology, General Medicine, General Pathology, General Microbiology, Informatics, Mycology, Ocular Pathology, Parasitology, Transplant Pathology, Veterinary Pathology, and Virology